Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Way Workplaces Should Look Like – New Showcase

The offices of Google, Facebook, Twitter or other major tech corporations or even advertising agencies look a little bit sci-fi for most people and are imprinted in a person’s mind as an ideal, but the ideal is unreachable. Instead of dreaming about those luxurious offices, you should check out more down to Earth ones that can inspire you to do something similar at your company’s office.

Whether you hire an interior designer to do this kind of work for you or you do it yourself, with the examples in this article, you’ll have a guideline of what you can achieve with a little bit of imagination and creativity.

For those who want to see the amazing and really expensive offices of big companies, I have an older article called Best 38 I’d-like-to-work-in-that-place offices which sets the bar really high for smaller companies who aspire at those kind of offices.

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Conservatory, Brighton


Design the project of office for advertising agency

Textile Company Interior Design

Design of office il Conte

Office 00

Company office, Russia, Novosibirsk.

Office Green architecture


Director’s office

Kaskus Networks Headquarter



Office SPACES Amsterdam

Studio Rony Plesl

Office of a small wood processing company

Startup Office Space


Manual Office

And now a selection of home workplaces, something that is pretty popular among designers, especially those who work exclusively at home.
House office for the lady